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These last two weeks have kicked my butt.

Going back to work and cat sitting at the same time was less than ideal. The cat-sitting was made a lot worse by at least one of the cats deciding (before I started cat-sitting) that litter-boxes are over-rated*. Yeah. Fun times, let me tell you.

There was an off-campus meeting for all full time employees last Tuesday morning off-campus. Nobody was kind enough to warn anyone that ALL buildings would be locked all morning. (There were plenty of annoyed people; some students who wanted to get around, some employees who wanted to get to their offices.)

This week. I think my butt grew wings from all the flying by the seat of my pants I did. The first week of classes is always stressful but this one seemed worse than most. There were minor things that didn't help, such as not having a schedule for a few days and not knowing who is teaching organic lab. (I actually am not sure that said person has been officially hired yet.) There were more stressful things, like needing to gather lab materials in a fairly limited time. Then there was the unofficial teaching I got to do. One of the instructors was given the wrong times for her labs on Wednesday so didn't show up. I ended up filling in to the best of my ability. I had students go through the equipment drawers and talked a little about safety. I made copies of next week's labs for students who hadn't gotten a lab manual since it was sounding like they wouldn't be in by next week.

Today was slightly less crazy in some ways, though it had it's moments. More gathering of materials for another lab. It doesn't help questioning if x might work instead of y if I have NO CLUE what you are trying to do. Thankfully, they do not need the stuff for a little bit.

*Said neighbors had had floors redone recently and went to one of their mother's. Cats were most displeased. Suspected cat also had a tough past. She had initially been adopted by their older daughter, but daughter's roommate's boyfriend was caught torturing cat when daughter was not around. Therefore, cat went to a safer environment. Hopefully, roommate dumped boyfriend to the curb.


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